I was born in Laconia and lived most of my life here. Being a small business owner has given focus to my past efforts to help the region prosper from tourists and recreational activities.  My involvement with running a successful Motorcycle Rally here for over 25 years encouraged me to help bring the NH Pumpkin Fest to Laconia.  


Being on the Planning Board of Laconia has brought focus to how Belmont and Laconia need advocates in Concord. We need to stop the down-shifting of costs from the State to the towns without funds…These actions hurt our tax base, our homeowners, our elderly, and our young who feel the direct pressure on our rents, our property taxes, and our schools. 17 out of 18 of other State Representatives who form the County Convention and who have oversight of county spending, seem to have the intent of cutting costs without regard to the consequences, both long and short term. I want to help change that. I am a practical, no-nonsense type of guy and want to do the right thing and not get bogged down by political dogma. If elected, I will work for all.  


I am particularly interested in public safety issues and supporting the Belknap County Sheriff's Department's efforts regarding their staff and support staff for the new Belknap County jail.  Also important is continued support for the Belknap County Nursing Home.   Additionally, I am interested in infrastructure issues, specifically regarding public transportation, State road conditions, and alternative transportation such as rail.  


I am a strong advocate for the industry, tourism, small businesses, and education.  

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